A Light In The Dark (Final 2022) 💿

A Light In The Dark (Final 2022) 💿


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NameA Light in the Dark
Rating4.36 / 5 ( 8524 votes )
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Cincinnati Stories is the first ever cyberpunk noir roleplaying game book.
Set in the ruined mid-west of the United States, Cincinnati Stories is a dark alternative history of the modern era.
In the wake of ecological disaster, technological experimentation and conflict between the remaining factions of the old world order, lives are broken and forgotten.
The gritty streets and grimy bars of the city of Cincinnati are a cruel landscape of disease, hunger and corruption.
Man’s control over nature gives way to nature’s control over man in the name of survival. Fight over resources and the right to survive. Live or die, winner takes all.
Cincinnati Stories is a chance to step into the boots of an urban mercenary – or an unwilling pawn in a post-civil war world where the deep web is an urban legend and cyber-terrorism is business as usual.
Designed from the ground up to be a roleplaying game book, Cincinnati Stories will blend brutal post-apocalyptic realism with cyberpunk-inspired hi-tech intrigue. Inspired by the Midwestern culture of the game’s setting, this collection of short stories will add depth and realism to your roleplaying experience.
Players will feel, think and act like the characters they create. These are real people: confused, manipulated and betrayed by their own sense of right and wrong, their greed and corruption.
Cincinnati Stories is designed for CyberpunkTabletop Gaming.
Or ‘white-knuckle adventure in a rotting city’, as The Guardian put it.
For a full overview of the mechanics and setting, check out the Book of Shadows.
About the Writer:
Luke Hockley is a writer based in the UK.
His cyberpunk comics have been featured in The Fifth Annual Art Attack and are part of the Noir in Literature series. Luke is also a published short fiction writer – including his work in a range of anthologies, novels, and magazines.
Check out Luke’s short story anthology, Neon Dystopia on the Steam store.
About the Illustrator:
Luke Hockley is a writer and illustrator.
His comics have been published online and in print. Luke also illustrated the cover art for Jericho, a new monthly crime comic with Irish publisher Black Diamond Comics.
Luke also has a song on the Corrupt Branches album, called ‘There Will Be No Song Beneath the Stars’, which the band recorded for the Art Attack 2019 Kickstarter.


A Light In The Dark Features Key:

  • Beautiful Game Graphics:
  • Worth to Download:
  • Download Link: Light in the Dark
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  • Key Features:
    • First person shooter
    • Action packed
    • Praised by Critics and Players
    • Voted The Best Online Shooter.
  • Developed by: PQube
  • A Light in the Dark is a point and click adventure game where you explore..

  • Experience realistic environments, complete with dynamic lighting and modern shaders.

    The game uses real-world physics for interactive characters

    Experience game mechanic and move intuitively.

    • Point and Click feature..
    • Point and click feature (click and drag): look for clues, interact with objects and more in this point and click game.

  • Both players and allies move seamlessly between the..
  • Action oriented shooting gameplay..

    Key Features:



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    System Requirements For A Light In The Dark:

    Mac OS X 10.10.3 (10.11 and later recommended)
    Dual-core Intel Core 2 Duo
    2GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 6200 or equivalent
    Version 11
    Hard disk space:
    20GB available space
    Sound card
    Additional Notes:
    *This version is not compatible with previous versions of Batman: Arkham City
    **This version requires the latest SSD Toolbox V1.4.1




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