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Whether you’ve felt like you had to say ‘yes’ to a hookup or decided to gracefully decline a last-minute offer to go hookup-hopping, there’s a pretty important distinction to make. Casual sex is the quick, semi-hidden affair, at least in the sense that it’s something that’s not necessarily your first choice. Group sex, hookups, and one-night stands are all still a step down from a full-fledged relationship — though the lines are getting fuzzier. By contrast, hookups are casual sexual encounters with people you already know and may or may not be seeing more of.
The German version of the song can be heard on the John Mayer single «Brooks Fly Away» where he sings «I’m just a boy and a soul and a fighting machine. I’m no heartbreaker, I don’t need you.»
«Still, there’s something to be said for the glamour of the free-swinging, ill-inhibited party-guy spirit of the nightclub dancer, the lounge musician, and the line dancer. One can detect the same melancholy about these stereotypes that people in the clubs so often complain about: that they are lonely, empty, directionless, yearning, isolated. Club people are trapped in the long slow revolution from promiscuous innocence to what Bruce Saylor has called the respectable innocence of the dating institution.»
When you decide to have casual sex, you open yourself up to the possibility of things going wrong. You could possibly experience regret, shame, or even be disappointed in yourself later if the results don’t measure up to what you had in mind. That’s especially true if you’re interested in a long-term partner.
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Swipe right has become the national pastime, and the proclivity to hook up with someone else is the norm. We are no longer instructed about dating, about courting, about meeting and getting to know someone. To us, the big romantic love story is no longer the one shared with your true love. It’s that tale of infatuation, lust, and one-night-stands. In all of this, no one ever mentions the word “love.” No one really understands what an exclusive commitment to love is. If we did, then we would not settle for hooking up.
You’re not always getting exactly what you want, but you’re going about getting it in a manner that probably does feel pretty good.
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Although the American cultural shift has caused casual sex to become acceptable and normalized in certain pockets of society, it doesn’t make it ethically or morally sound.
«Hookup culture can exacerbate a problem already common among young people: the difficulty accepting and committing to a long-term relationship,» Lily Percy writes in Bustle. «If you’re always on the hunt for a new hookup, you may never develop a mutually beneficial relationship. The only upside to casual sex is the access that it provides to an endless sea of potential partners — but this opportunity can blind you to other, more potentially life-changing choices.»
Despite the growing acceptance of casual sex, its inherent flaws and opportunities also persist, so it’s good to know what they are. Most of these involve the road to casual sex that we are often misled to believe is the only route to take. Of course, it’s just another dating app, why wouldn’t you want to? Of course, the risk of contracting a sexually-transmitted disease is a concern. But with protection, these risks can be minimal. Not to mention, you never know — any relationship can blossom into something more.
It also goes without saying that even though you might be experimenting with your sexuality — even though some experts now say sex is supposed to be a part of every romantic relationship — you’re not giving sexual consent to having sex with someone you don’t really care about. But for some of us, it still feels very much like consent, which is why many people believe that people in the sex industry, like prostitutes, are coerced into the sex work that they do.
It’s a cause for concern that we see casual sex as an inevitability and not a choice.
We don’t always have to sleep with someone first. Casual sex is also a choice, and one that a lot of us make because we believe that isn’t what you have to do. Sex is romanticized as «love at first sight,» «love at first touch,» or even «love at first hickey.»
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People have the right to have sex with people who have the same sexual orientation.
Having sex with someone when you are not in love is just like having the love affair out of sheer lust.
In the case of casual sex, your true self is being spilled out of your heart. You are releasing your heart because you love casual sex. Not that you don’t care about your lover or that you have


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