Call Of Juarez Engine X86 Rwdi.dll !!INSTALL!!

Call Of Juarez Engine X86 Rwdi.dll !!INSTALL!!

Call Of Juarez Engine X86 Rwdi.dll !!INSTALL!!

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Call Of Juarez Engine X86 Rwdi.dll

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In PHP, you can find and use any DLL with something like this:
$dlls = dir(«C:\Windows\System32»);
foreach($dlls as $dll)
$dllobj = LoadLibrary(«$dll\\rundll32.exe»);

Now, in your case, «C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.dll» is going to be «.4engine.dll» and «.3liters.sys». I would include those if you want to continue on this path of learning PHP.
After that, you’ll just have to call whatever function you want. This would be my example, assuming you have the DLL loaded and defined:
$d = $dllobj->LoadDll(«C:\\windows\\system32\\rundll32.dll»);


You’ll find that this is different from, say, a shell or Perl script. Here, since the entire system is a single monolithic DLL, you should only need to load it once, and then call functions with relative ease. You don’t have to «call» the functions with any particular syntax. Just call the functions that are in the DLL, and be done.
If you know something is defined in the DLL, you can go:
$x = $dllobj->LoadDll(«C:\\windows\\system32\\rundll32.dll»);

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