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DEADLY DOZEN: REBORN is a 2012 PC game for windows, published by OnkelGames and developed by Andepool. It is the sequel to Deadly Dozen.
Game Features:
A modern installment to a classic WWII game, whose style, quality, and fun make it a favorite among gamers from all over the world.
Two new and intuitive control schemes: the mouse and keyboard/game pad.
Combine your weapons with ammunition to fight off enemies.
Different game modes: Story Mode, Mission, Victory, Survival, Training
Over 20 levels full of intense action, with multiple routes and over 40 deadly objectives to complete.
Multiplayer: multiplayer maps, 4 player, deathmatch, conquest, domination, time attack and others.
Care package: heal wounded players and revive them in the hospital.
Snipers: send your sniping expert for the best shots.
Explosives experts: send your demolition expert for the best explosions.
Medic: heal your teammates with the best medics in the game.
Innovative gameplay: challenge yourself to find a new way through each level.
Replay your favorite maps in Story, Mission, Victory, Training, or Survival.
Completion and Trophy system: replay your favorite levels to unlock, earn and display trophies.




In 2017 Deadly Dozen Reloaded version 1.2 will be released. It is a major update and will consist of higher quality models and a complete overhaul of the game. To find out more information on this update, and a list of the updated features, visit:


An epic adventure in World War II in the backdrop of the Eastern Front and North Africa.

Become part of the elite elite force when world’s best special forces were created. Recruit your squad and lead them to outsmart and destroy the enemy.

Sneak through the enemy territory in a variety of tactical situations from covert reconnaissance to urban warfare, and strike behind enemy lines


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Download Setup + Crack === DOWNLOAD

Features Key:

  • Original and …
  • Best Graphics Engine
  • Best Gaming Experience
  • Best Game Size
  • Best Game User Interface
  • Best Game Sound
  • Best Game Controls
  • Best Game Multiplayer


Deadly Dozen Reloaded With Full Keygen Free For PC (Latest)

Your objective is simple: Earn enough money for the resistance to fund a car bomb to set off on a crowded beach. Now jump into the role of an elite, covert “Deadly Dozen” soldier and EXPLOIT the enemy’s base and weaken it from the inside.
Drive and manage your squad in over 50 vehicles including US jeeps, British sedans, German SPVs, and much more. Once you’ve infiltrated the base, wake up the resistance team, switch drivers with your squad, and continue to hold your ground until your commanding officer can deliver the weapon into enemy hands.
Complete over 25 levels and 10 maps to earn a wide variety of Achievements and Trophies as you go for total domination.
Pick your weapon:
— Sniper
— Demolition Expert
— Medic
— Bodyguard
— Spy
— …
— and more to add to your loadout of gadgets, vehicles, and accessories.
Use your wits and lightning fast reflexes.
— Switch between your squad and your vehicle to complete the mission.
— Find the enemy and eliminate him.
— Drive around the enemy base to reduce the time it takes for the other squadmates to activate the weapon.
— Smash your way in for instant action.
— Explore the enemy base to find new areas, routes, and vehicles to help you complete the mission.
— Push, smash, and destroy every object you see.
— Make use of every ally, enemy, and vehicle to enhance your capabilities.
— Be clever and use each squadmate’s strengths to get the job done.
— Buy more equipment and make use of the limited money you earned on the mission.
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Deadly Dozen Reloaded Product Key Full Free For PC [2022]

Gameplay For PC:

Gameplay For PSP:

Gameplay For PS3:

Deadly Dozen Reloaded Features:
Multiplayer for all Platforms
Large collection of maps and game modes
Athletic super soldiers to use in a variety of ways
Vehicles that aid you in driving around the map
Something that will make those who played the original appreciate this remake
Deadly Dozen Reloaded 2013 is a complete remake of the original. Made in a new engine with upgraded maps, graphics and missions, Reloaded takes this classic franchise and brings it to modern audiences with a bang. The Deadly Dozen are an elite force of clandestine soldiers, sent into battle when the job needs to be done quickly and at all costs. They are wild, unruly, military misfits, perfect for the most dangerous missions of World War II. Traverse mine-filled landscapes, enemy bases, and tank guarded borders with your pick from Snipers, Demolition Experts, Medics, and more. Sneak your way across 10 different maps populated with more enemies, more buildings, and more objects for you to blow sky high. Challenge yourself to replay levels with a different crew or weapon loadout to secure those shiny new completion trophies. Upgraded graphics, textures, and weather effects bring you right into the action in this modern remake of a WWII classic. Choose your team.its time to MOVE OUT!Massive graphical overhaul for every asset, texture, and level in the gameUpgraded controls to support modern FPS players on all platformsDrivable WII military vehicles will get you out of the enemys lair FASTEach expansive map is filled with enemies, cars, buildings, mines and more for a fuller experience

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What’s new in Deadly Dozen Reloaded:

    : The Best of the Best

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This is the first attempt at playing the game. I have a 2nd computer, my family holds up the art. When I got my first, I was not familiar at all with what I was doing. It is hard to explain. I know now just like how to pack and unpack and moving objects and putting them in and out of boxes. But, the ammount of time it takes me to figure out what to do to put a object in its place and how to use my skills to their best, it is time consuming. Good times though. Thanks for a new game.);

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System Requirements For Deadly Dozen Reloaded:

GameSpot Score — Acceptable: A score of 68 or higher
Score — Acceptable: A score of 68 or higher Graphics: 720p
Graphics: 720p Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1
Dolby Digital 5.1 Control: Single-stick, D-pad, analog stick, triggers
Single-stick, D-pad, analog stick, triggers Difficulty: Medium-difficult
Medium-difficult Release Date: September 24th, 2014
September 24th, 2014 Publisher: 2K Sports



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