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Get ready for the most challenging puzzle game on the internet!Project O.J.E is a game in the style of a physics puzzle, where the computer tests are run the easiest way possible (as a diagnostic test), and you are given, for each test, three small tools that you have to use in order to finish the test (the paperclip, the first eyedropper and the second eyedropper). The first test is simple, but the test gets more and more difficult, till the fourth test, where you also have to use the second eyedropper (which is the most difficult tool). You also have to work your way through the laboratory, gradually finding the tools needed to pass the tests and open the doors. The difficulty increases until the sixth test, where you will face a test with a gravitational field. In this test, you will also have to work with gravity being turned off and on. The game also features a few end level tests, where you have to do many things with the tools in order to pass.
How to play:
The paperclip is used to pass various tests. There are also a few items in the computer test that can be found in the laboratory and that need the paperclip. What do these items look like? What happens when you interact with them? What are the other tools? What does the test simulator look like? This game gives you a complete overview of the game, so you can be as prepared as possible. (You will need to learn the touch controls at first, but after you will always know what to do).
What you will need:
The game uses a Java API. It can be played on any Android device with a minimum resolution of 320×480. The game does not require a device with a large screen resolution, but it will look best on a smartphone.
Touch screen:
Play — Press to start the game
Stop — Press to stop the game
Move — Press on the left side of the screen to move the camera left
Move — Press on the right side of the screen to move the camera right
Switch cameras — Swipe on the left side of the screen to make the camera move right
Switch cameras — Swipe on the right side of the screen to make the camera move left
Rotate the camera — Swipe on the bottom of the screen to rotate the camera
Increase zoom — Swipe on the upper right side of the screen to zoom in
Decrease zoom — Swipe on


Features Key:

  • All of a Deviation’s Features are bound to its Way
  • Different Ways always take different amounts of time to travel, and move in different directions
  • The player moves about in the world using deviation
  • Different ways are mapped to different keys on the keyboard, and the player has to choose which modes they can use to travel.

    Even further optimisations and evaluations

    There are still a few optimisations & evaluations possible. We can:

    • Split ways across multiple corridors. This enables us to use odd-number ways instead of even
    • Constrain the coordinates of a way to a compact geometric form
    • Force the player to travel in a given orthogonal direction
    • Restrict the player to travelling in a given order (most of the time)

    Odd numbers

    If we are only going to have even numbers of ways, it might be more efficient to maintain a set of narrow corridors containing the left of each way, and a set of corridors containing the right of each way. For example, we could split the world into four sections:

    the centre of the first section will be the position of Way 1, the centre of the second section the position of Way 2, and so on. Doing so allows for a general advantage for an odd number of ways, since we can optimise the case of an odd number of ways by either directly pruning a way from the map, or by splitting a way and displaying it across two ways.

    Escalating boundaries

    It may be possible to increase the computational complexity of a way by only adding segments of the way to the map as the player crosses the boundary. For example, we might always see a segment of the way on the edges, and add the remaining segments to the map on the next map, ensuring that the way always stays visible, but without adding load to the map entry-point.


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    My goal is to create a game that is clean, fairly easy to control, has a lot of jokes, keeps the player thinking and enthralled. My game will be a vertical scroll based on the game dev, but there will be some puzzles with unusual aspects for the player to solve. Any suggestions for game dev are welcome!

    Update History:
    Game was programmed and is being played at the OpenGL stages of development. You can find some screenshots at the gallery. Opinions of the United
    2006 Decisions States Court of Appeals
    for the Third Circuit


    USA v. Forbes
    Precedential or Non-Precedential: Non-Precedential

    Docket No. 05-3599


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    IAP — In app purchases can be very expensive to develop.

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    IAP — In app purchases can be very expensive to develop.

    You can contact me at lisajep2000@gmail.com

    Add a review

    Your name:

    Note: Get the android version for free with Google Play

    You can contact me at lisajep2000@gmail.com

    One last thing, I don’t answer my mail, so if you have a question feel free to put it on the website’s forum, or you can email me lisajep2000@gmail.comInteresting and Creative Table Designs

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    System Requirements For Deviation From Way:

    Supported OS: 5.0
    Available languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Hong Kong), Thai, Indonesian (N.Y.), Thai (N.Y.), Singaporean, Malaysian, Greek, Turkish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Albanian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Finnish, Estonian, Arabic, Hebrew,


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