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Fallout 4 Child Body Replacer

— Fallout 4+non-genital decapitation perk (The result is a Child body Replacer (CBR) on their backs. The only way to avoid it is to not activate the perk.)
— Fallout 4 Age Modifier (AKA: Play as a child)
— Age Modifier ( AKA:Kid Mod Spoiler: «You should be this tall in two years, but you can still grow taller!» )
— Fallout 4: Height Modifier
— Fallout 4: Reduce Charisma Modifier (Reduce your charisma temporarily for avoiding the traits)
— Chaos Warfare
— Well Bred
— Hardcore
— Higher Frequency of Violence ( easier to avoid accidents)
— Lower Fatigue Rate (lower chance of being knocked down or get hurt )
— Mass Effect 3: You’ll have to keep enemies in your sights for as long as possible.
— Mass Effect 2: + Endurance
— Mass Effect 2: + Speed
— Mass Effect 2: + Male Roll (You’re the only one who can roll for your character)
— Mass Effect 2: + Melee
— The Banished: Stabilise blood damage (You heal less slowly. The body will never become unstable.)
— No More Heroes: Slugfest
— 2012

The player must choose whether to keep the body they have crafted, or to craft a new one. The new body is duplicated of the old one, but will change significantly. It is necessary to find the missing items needed to craft the new body after the duplication. Crafting a new body will usually require a higher level, due to the increase in stats needed to make it viable, but duplicating an item will increase the level of the item. Some exceptions are the Body Replicator, Body Transmuter and Vending Machines. These machines create a new body at a much higher level than the player has, requiring no level increase and can be used to create a new body.


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