Fixed Ics Fusion Final Aroma Zip WORK

Fixed Ics Fusion Final Aroma Zip WORK

Fixed Ics Fusion Final Aroma Zip WORK


Fixed Ics Fusion Final Aroma Zip

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Look at the file, you have this directory at the root:

Which is essentially a Rooted ROM. It’s meaning is unknown, but I would guess that your device is rooted. I suggest you not to try installing a ROM you have not put on your device as it can erase all your data.
If that’s not what you want, you can try a Zipfile that does not contain anything sensitive or illegal on its own. The archive you have in my answer is a zipfile with no malware. You can just open it up on your computer and extract the files from it if it suits you.
Here’s a link to the zip file, as you said it isn’t working for you:


this archive fixed ics fusion final with aroma zip with the original name when you try to install it on your device


I think you can use ROM Manager and install it. It will be safe for your mobile.
Open the file

Wait 4-5 minutes until it finish it’s work
Then plug device to computer and install rom
Save it and open it and then install it if you want.
Hope it’ll works.

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