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NameFling to the Finish — Bomb Character
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Pseudo Team
The year is 1953. A top secret experimental science establishment, «GALT» has been established to study the idea of psychokinetic power. The facility, which consists of 14 individual rooms, contains all the equipment required to perform a psychological test.
Over the course of the experiment, unfortunate events occur, and a team of researchers fall victim to various lethal and nonlethal incidents. Dr. Chang, the supervisor of the experiment, seemingly commits suicide, but in fact has been killed by his subordinate, Kimura, who then takes revenge on his boss by using his powers to perform an experiment on him.
Meanwhile, many people have come from all over the world to come participate in the experiment, though they believe it to be a game where you kill your opponent with the power of your mind. However, they soon find that the experiment is not like that at all.
Innocent people have fallen prey to Kimura’s experiments, and then there are those that became the Psycho Killers, and tried to kill those they held dear to them.
Many people are captured and taken into the facility, and they have become the victims of the experiment. Kimura uses his psionic powers to torture and kill these people, and in the process experiments on them.
The people in charge of the facility is the mastermind behind this, and is the one who owns the psycho kinesis that he uses to carry out his experiments, and when the experiment is over he will get rid of all the captured victims, and even leave the facility to hide in plain sight.
The people in charge of the facility are desperately trying to destroy Kimura and the Psycho Killers, but find that they can’t get rid of them. They are now looking for help from the psycho kinesis researchers that have escaped, and the results of the experiment. They were searching for someone with a strong mind, and were searching for the hidden Kimura.
Their objective is to go into the facility, analyze the situation, and come out alive!
Control Point:
-Execution Type:
-Contact Point:
-Intelligence (PSI):
Control Points:
-Alt Point Control:
-Sub Point:
Contact Points:
-Partner Contact:
-Time Contact:
-Title Contact:
-The protagonist who has


Features Key:

  • Bombing pleasure
  • Lots of huge explosions — absolutely free for all fans of action
  • Button-based bonus challenge — great fun for mouse-counters
  • No other city-staling things like reliability, extra materials & bonuses
  • Customable character, weapons & outfit

Gameplay tour:

  • Fling to the Finish — Bomb Character key features:
  • Do different tricks to get points & see who wins!
  • Bonus challenge — collect all the stars or beat a friend
  • See all characters, their weapons, but also look through their inventory
  • View your characters stats at the end of the game
  • Endless quantity of explosions — bomb yourself with your mouse
  • Caution:
  • You should know this: button-based quick & crisp controls to move your character
  • If not — you better start from a different game, this can not — will not work for you!
  • This game uses many 3D technologies and graphics & does not have sound
  • This is an easy free game and do not need any installation
  • This game is AD free

    Collect them all & smash the opponent!

    • Fling to the Finish — Bomb Character has only one goal: to blow up your computer
    • Victory means business, it’s all about winning!
    • Quickly back to base with your fist weapon
    • Attain stars — you can collect them from your opponents blast


    • Change your users account data


    Fling To The Finish — Bomb Character [Win/Mac]

    The player selects a character from the menu that is used to move and shoot, each character has unique skills.
    Special Skills:
    Kamikaze Attack — One of the characters has a special skill called Kamikaze attack. player can select it when select character. If character is in kamikaze attack the attack level is higher than one attack.
    Shotgun Weapon — The player has a shotgun weapon which is attack against one enemy.
    Time Bombs — Time bomb is activated when a certain number of enemies are shot.
    Message center — This is a message window, you can use the message center to communicate with other player.
    The more enemy is shot more map points will be available
    Air Attack — The player can use Air Attack to move along with the horizontal.
    Sword Attack — There are 10 Sword Attack, The player can use a Sword Attack to attack enemy which is under one degree.
    Power Attack — The player can use a power attack to attack enemy which is under one degree.


    The game, is a new type of 3D shooter and action adventure. The player goes along a journey in the underground fun zone in a search for a legendary treasure which can save humanity.

    There are a lot of rooms, hallways and weapons throughout the game. The player can use a variety of weapons to destroy the enemies and pass through the level.

    You are also free to move in all directions throughout the game.The player is also free to move up and down as well as left and right. The energy can be found on the walls. The energy can be put on the wall to unleash weapons.

    Key Features

    With the player’s weapon, move forward and attack the enemies

    As the player moves, there are numerous weapons to choose from.

    The player can move and attack using the sword attack or power attack. The power attack has the stronger attack power than sword attack.

    The player is able to move forward by pressing jump in combination with the power attack.

    There are various rooms which the player can move into with sword and power attack. The weapons which the player can use are on the wall. The weapons which the player can use are more powerful when the player has energy.

    The player also has the ability to obtain special weapons and use them in a special attack.

    There are many obstacles throughout the game which are blocking the player.

    The player is able to move up and down


    Fling To The Finish — Bomb Character Crack Download

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