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Browsing the Internet is a daily activity for an increasing number of users while the tools used to get around the web tend to become more diversified. An original concept that could take off and become quite popular if it is well implemented is 3D browsing.
For regular PC users this can be achieved through one of the specialized tools like INTERNET-3D. An intriguing program, to say the least, this particular browser is far from what you would expect from such a software.
First of all, it doesn't work like any of the Internet navigation utilities you've seen before, mainly because it is not about type and go. There are a number of websites loaded in the application, you just have to find the one you need and access it.
The simple job of going through the built-in pages and opening them is not quite as uncomplicated as you would expect it to be. With INTERNET-3D you will need to use the navigation keys on your keyboard to move around what seems to be a shopping center with many departments, which are, in fact, website categories.
More awkward is the situation where you manage to find a webpage you need and want to open, only to notice that the default system browser will have to take care of that. So, it's not inside INTERNET-3D that you can load and view the online content, it only serves as a starting point.
Adding new content, like bookmarks and other common things is not possible and if when you access the 'Add your Website' feature from the right-click menu, you will be taken to the program's webpage to fill a form.
All things considered, INTERNET-3D sounds like an interesting idea, but the implementation is rather poorly carried out, which will lead most users away from this application.







INTERNET-3D [Win/Mac] [Latest]

INTERNET-3D Torrent Download is a 3D browser, meaning that the user will be able to view the content of websites and navigate the web from the perspective of a camera.
The application is designed to work in standard browsers like IE and Firefox, not in the IE10, IE11 or IE10 for Windows 8.
Some interesting features of INTERNET-3D Free Download:
• Autoscroll The same scrolls will be carried out in any web browser, even in the case of IE.
• Organize bookmarks as a tree (based on the category).
• Highlighting of the words in the webpage without scrolling.
• Copy what’s on the screen and paste into any other supported application.
• Customization and skinning.
The 3D browsing in INTERNET-3D is easy to use because of the simplicity of the user interface.
It is not necessary to use any special features (like SPACE BARS), so the user will be able to switch from web pages to web pages as easily as any other internet application, with the option of choosing the best resolution for what you’re looking for.
As there is only one main source of online content, the user will be spared of the usual experience of having to go to different sites to get the information he needs.
The only troubles the user will find in INTERNET-3D is related to the fact that the tool has been made for 3D content, which means that certain elements of the browser itself may not act as expected.
In this case, the resolution is not the most perfect one for the content and even if it could be changed, this change will have no effect on how it is displayed, meaning that the app becomes quite unreliable.
In terms of support, the application works in version 3.0.
It requires a minimum version of Internet Explorer 10, and the Microsoft must be installed.
Also, the operation is not supported in Windows 8.
A final disappointment, this application is not included in Google Chrome, making it quite useless for any standard PC user.
The technology used in INTERNET-3D can be used for many more things, so the application is limited by what the developers wrote, leaving some innovative ideas behind.
In conclusion, INTERNET-3D is an interesting application that adds to the internet browsing experience. The developers used a creative idea to convert web pages into 3D, but these features are not implemented in a manner that makes this tool a must-have, especially when


You visit the addresses on the web you want, and you can turn and bend your way around your pages. You browse, just like a museum exhibit.
You choose your way by simply hitting (or clicking on) your cursor or the mouse button. You can look in any direction — up, down, left and right.
You can see what pages the mouse is on, but there is no green ‘Back’ button that would allow you to leave one page to visit another.
If you want to go back to any of the pages you have visited, you must open a window and browse there. If you want to see more than one page at the same time, you must open multiple windows, which is a lot of work.
INTERNET-3D Features:
You can move around your webpages. Use your mouse or the cursor keys on your keyboard.
You can see where you are in relation to your pages. You can see the ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons on your screen.
You can go’straight’ to the page you want.
You can close a web page in your browser window, too. But do note that you will not have any more access to it until you’re-open’ it.
You can download the pages you want. It’s a lot of work, though. It requires the download of images, audio and video streams, and PDFs (advanced pages).
If you are downloading, you must decide whether to ‘Open’ the file or ‘Save’ it.
You can use your cursor or mouse button to navigate the content of your site.
INTERNET-3D Interface:
You use your keyboard and mouse to navigate.
You use the cursor keys to move around the pages.
You use the arrow keys on your keyboard to go up or down.
You use the page up and page down buttons on your screen to move around your pages.
You use the mouse button to ‘Click on’ a link or image. You use your mouse button to click on a link or image.
If you find the pages you want, you must choose ‘Explore’, ‘Open’ or ‘Save’.
INTERNET-3D is limited by the number of connections to the web. You must wait for it to load.
INTERNET-3D Feaures:
INTERNET-3D is limited to the number of websites


In this program, you will see the results of the latest trend in computer industries: to build a 3D browser. This 3D browsing takes advantage of new processing techniques that allow you to see pages as a large collection of cubes, each with a different opacity, that you move through a real space. You may see a carousel, a scroll bar, or perhaps a box that unfolds into a family of pages, but no matter what you imagine, if you want it, it will be there.
Internet Navigation will therefore become a regular and easy task.
While INTERNET-3D sounds interesting, one of the limitations of this tool is that there is no direct selection between the available online content. You must do it the old-fashioned way, which means typing the URL.
Besides, you will need to use the keyboard to move around the 3D scene, as is the case with standard web browsers.
INTERNET-3D Problems:
From the moment you open it, you will realize that INTERNET-3D is nothing like any browser you have used before. The application uses a tabbed interface, which is not typical of browsers.
With INTERNET-3D, you can access any website through the use of cubes. These cubes are used to open a 2D window for each webpage. Now, it makes sense that these objects are placed in a space, but when you have many of them and you try to move them around, it is much like a mosh pit of Webpages.
INTERNET-3D works well in a certain sense, because it is a 3D application. However, it cannot satisfy the most basic expectations of a web browser.
To open a page, you must either type the Web address or use the keyboard arrows to move around the scene.
In either case, the mouse will not be of any help because it must be used to browse the different sections.
Even if you use INTERNET-3D for a few days, you will realize that the mouse will be the first tool you should abandon.
INTERNET-3D Solution:
The fact that INTERNET-3D works so well in a 3D space might seem like an interesting concept, but this is not what the program is designed to do.
The idea behind this utility is to create a 3D browsing and the only way to do that is to follow the regular path, like you would do in any browser.
Not only is that the most intuitive way of

What’s New in the?

3D browsing is the ability to view webpages in 3D. You can walk through buildings, enter virtual rooms, use your TV to browse, stand inside aquariums, go to futuristic buildings, and see people walk out in front of you.
URLs that currently support 3D browsing can be found at:
This program was created by a developer called Arran (
INTERNET-3D Website:






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System Requirements For INTERNET-3D:

Windows® 7/8, or Windows Vista® SP2/SP3, or Mac OS X® 10.6.8/10.7/10.8.3/10.9
OS Requirements:
Windows® XP or Mac OS X® 10.6.8/10.7/10.8.3/10.9
CPU Requirements:
1.5 GHz processor, Intel® or AMD
Memory Requirements:
1 GB of RAM
Video Requirements:
2nd gen Intel



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