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Does Ruby have any way to define an auto-evolving dictionary of variables?

In some languages, like Prolog or LISP, one can define a dictionary of variables which are «ready», available for use at a given point in time. There’s an obvious analogy in Ruby:
def set(var, value)
@dic.key?(var) &&!@dic[var].nil? && @dic[var]!= value
|| @dic[var] = value

So, at the start of my program, I set my «ready» variables:
set(:foo, ‘a’ => ‘b’):
set(:bar, ‘b’ => ‘c’):

And then go about my program.
At any time later, the dictionary can be asked about its current state:
set(:bar, ‘d’ => ‘e’):
set(:foo, ‘c’ => ‘f’):

print ‘b =’+ @dic[:bar] # => prints e
print ‘c =’+ @dic[:foo] # => prints f

If I do this every time I need the current value of a variable, I can easily conserve significant memory on an embedded system.
Is there an equivalent facility in Ruby? I’d like to retain Ruby’s speed and its simplicity.
(This example is for a C implementation of a programming language, but I’m hoping the solution applies to Ruby as well.)


No, you would have to define a new dictionary for the variables you create. You could cache the definition to avoid recreating the dictionary, but it means you’d be using a different dictionary for each new variable you create.


There are various ways to accomplish this, one way would be to use the find method of Hash:
h = {:foo => ‘b’, :bar => ‘c’}
h.find {|k,


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