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Download Setup + Crack ———>>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


Do you have what it takes to be a Hero of Noobland? Maybe you aren’t quite as brave as you think. Perhaps you would be better off simply enjoying the city from the safety of Noobland!
No Heroes Here is a frantic, hectic, co-op game for up to 4 players. The goal is to collectively build a castle with your mercenary ally-force, where you defend the kingdom from evil and calamity.
No Heroes Here is a frantic, hectic, co-op game for up to 4 players. The goal is to collectively build a castle with your mercenary ally-force, where you defend the kingdom from evil and calamity.
Welcome to Noobland.
It is a mystical and magical realm where magic flows through the veins of its residents, and fairy tales can be true. It is where the last King of Noobland ruled over his massive and invincible army. It is a land where monsters roam the countryside, the forests and the valleys, and where brave heroes and brave hearts rise to protect the Kingdom!
But evil is stirring and danger will soon bring chaos and devastation to Noobland, for a dark force is scheming for the destruction of the land and the downfall of the King! With every step you take, you are drawn deeper into the land of Noobland, to an event the universe has never seen!
Please note:
This is an introductory version to our game, which we will be updating and improving with new game play features and content!
As such we are sending you a few initial updates that will make the game accessible for you, and a base for the many that will follow.
Key Features:
4 Different Regions
Three different Nows to Live
12 Enemy Types
3 Difficulty Modes
A collaborative Castle-Building Game
Collect Hundreds of Heroes
Local and Online Multiplayer
A Dark-Fantasy Setting
How to Play (One player controls a hero and moves around the map):
– Click and drag a hero tile.
– Click and drag another hero tile (swapping with your currently active hero).
– Click and drag a monster tile.
– Click on a monster tile to interact with it.
– Click on a wall tile.
– Click on a wall tile to interact with it.
– Click on a castle tile.
– Click on a castle tile to interact with it.


No Heroes Here Features Key:

  • 2 — 8 players
  • AI with player vs player abilities such as playing rallies
  • Tournament mode including short time and full time formats
  • High scoring
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    No Heroes Here is a mixed bag of gameplay that plays best with co-op friends. The game progresses through a series of quests as you battle monsters, mystical beings and other non-heroic characters.
    Your mission is to not only work with your co-op friends to save the castles but you must work together to defeat the dangerous forces lurking in every region.
    The game takes place on the colorful Noobland Battlefield from the King’s perspective.
    Players control the All-Seeing King as he moves through Noobland and controls an army of Non-Heroes. The All Seeing King, his army and all Non-Heroes are controlled via keyboard and mouse (Mac) or via Gamepad on PC.
    The King’s expedition requires players to work in conjunction with each other to allow all players to work towards the same goal: protect Noobland.
    Players must work together to save Noobland from the clutches of evil and their evil nemesis, the Beady Eye.
    No Heroes Here is the first collaborative hectic co-op game. «Collaboration» defines the party. The King, his army, and Non-Heroic figures all work together to fight evil and save Noobland.
    No Heroes Here features an array of non-heroic figures that can be recruited, including:
    -The All Seeing King — He’s a useless figure but he’s the only one that has the All Seeing King powers and the only one who can bring you back from the brink of death. He can’t defend himself on his own. Recruit him and watch him slowly grow into a powerful All Seeing King.
    -The Beady Eye — She’s the antagonist and the most deadly enemy in Noobland. She has the ability to cast bad spells at players. Sadly for her, she can only cast spells on the King and his army. Recruit her to hurt you all by helping the player with the strongest magic.
    -Ink Dragon — He’s a giant ink dragon that floats on top of the clouds in the sky. He’s stronger than he looks and he can be a nuisance. Recruit him and watch him hurt enemies by attracting the clouds from the sky.
    -Cannonball — He’s a vicious fellow with a long cannon. He can drop down and hit enemies from above.
    -Pixie — She’s a cute pixie that can’t fight but she’s extremely helpful. Recruit her to fetch items from different regions and to help


    No Heroes Here Crack + Incl Product Key PC/Windows

    No Heroes Here Hereso,
    Youve got no friends.
    That’s ok! No Heroes Here can be played with up to three friends via online matchmaking.
    Theres enough good reasons to play No Heroes Here on your own if you cant be bothered making new friends.
    Play Offline:
    You can still play No Heroes Here offline single player if youre not in the mood for the online stuff.
    Its less chaotic and easier if youre only on your own — but we wouldnt recommend it.
    Gameplay video:
    Thanks for reading our review of No Heroes Here by GameHouse!

    No Heroes Here is a game for up to 4 players to come together to save the realm from the evil Niobe. Make your way through seven unique biomes to collect, assemble, train and then lead the best of Noobland’s army to victory. Beware though — the Niobe has a plan, and you will have your work cut out for you to save the kingdoms from extinction.
    Game Summary:
    Your objective is to guide the heroes youve collected and train to victory against the forces of evil, Niobe. Play as either the King, the Queen or a brave Non-Hero. Each player controls and leads his/her own heroic cast in the form of a cavalry unit. Non-Heroes – who are the only available players in No Heroes Here, can also use their own units to lead the fight against the Niobe or simply make it easier for the King and Queen to fight.
    Choose Your Hero:
    You can play as either a normal hero, a queen or a king, each with their own special abilities and strengths. Heroes are the only playable players in No Heroes Here, and each hero is one of the three characters required to save the realm from the nefarious Niobe. The kings weapon, his medallion, is a single measure of luck to protect his army while the queens lucky charm is a teddy bear, also a single measure of luck. Each character can provide special bonuses to the heroes and Non-Heroes, or special abilities to yourself as a player.
    Lead Your Heroes:
    The heroes youve selected to fight for you are the key to victory. Train heroes and make them battle ready before the war with the Niobe begins. To do this, deploy them in their position. You can do this via a mouse or even a smartphone using the game’s ios and


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    System Requirements For No Heroes Here:

    A pair of standard stereo speakers
    A stereo headset
    A USB or wireless microphone
    If you have a compatible headset or an audio device with an additional plug-in port, you can use that port to connect your controller.
    An Android tablet
    An iPad
    An Android device
    An Xbox 360 gamepad
    An Android phone (e.g., Moto G, Nexus 5)
    An Android tablet (e.g., Kindle Fire)
    An Android device (e



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