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It may seem like sex is just meant to get your blood pumping and your body jizzing, but in reality, it’s really more complex than simply that. A casual sexual encounter should include three considerations.
1. Consideration for yourself
Truly, casual sex is not all about instant gratification. As with any decision in life, giving yourself time to think before you’re intimate with someone is crucial to your own safety. The initial adrenaline rush of unbridled sex should come with the sobering realization that you may not want to repeat this kind of behavior on a regular basis. After all, if sex with a stranger is this easy and seemingly pleasurable, what does it take to bond with someone you’ve actually just met? If you go into a sexual encounter thinking that casual sex is “forever” or so easy to quickly try, it’s likely to be filled with regret.
2. Consideration for their feelings
Even if you and your partner-to-be don’t develop any kind of real-life attachment, there’s still another important group to consider: your partner. Most casual sex means avoiding the complicated and often messy reality of a real relationship. After all, a random hookup shouldn’t come with emotions attached to it. Sure, you can have emotional encounters with some people, but putting that pressure on to the individual bedding you isn’t exactly the best idea. After all, if a sexual encounter makes you feel anything but incredible pleasure, then it wasn’t as casual as you thought, was it?
3. Consideration for your future
Think about your future goals. Will this kind of encounter only take place in the here and now, or are you hoping to build a long-term, casual relationship? If you want something more serious, there are great options for serious, committed sex life including open relationships, swinging, cuckolding, group sex, and the list goes on and on. Are you looking for a sexual tryst with someone who doesn’t have to know about it? Well, there’s plenty of fun ways to keep your partner in the dark. It’s okay to want a great sex life, but if those experiences aren’t part of your relationship plans, then you may want to find something else to call a relationship.
Watch out for:

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The most popular way to do that these days is through sites that link you to members in your general area. Now, there’s nothing wrong with these sites from a health standpoint — mostly, sites like Hinge or Happn were created with the intention of keeping you and everyone you know safe, reliable, and relatively uncontaminated with annoying stereotypes.
So the main consideration is safety — and more important, privacy. Unlike most older hookup apps, most newer sites have been built with the safety of the user in mind. A word of caution: many — or perhaps even most — of the sex connections you make through dating apps are going to be one-time flings. While there are a lot of reasons for that (from lack of availability to some seemingly really boring first dates), it does mean that when you’re looking for a casual sex partner, you may need to open yourself up more than you have in the past.
These sites have all raised safety concerns, at least in some circles, and we’ll just say it right out loud: there are plenty of nasty people in the world. And most of them don’t use dating apps to meet each other for a quick hit of pleasure. They use them for nefarious reasons that may end up ruining your life or anyone you meet’s life. That’s not to say that all sex sites are evil, but many aren’t going to ask for a real picture and so you won’t be able to recognize them if you have a bad encounter. There are only a few to go around.
Hookup apps have created plenty of opportunities to escape from the pressures of dating, but they’re also responsible for the pressures that casual sex is a lot of people’s default method of getting it.
You’re going to meet people in a lot of non-romantic ways if you’re on dating apps — and if you’re on a hookup app, you’re definitely going to meet them in more non-romantic ways than you would if you were out in a bar or somewhere else. That means that you’re also going to have to think about how you’re going to handle yourself around people with different sexualities than your own. What people’s expectations are going to be, and whether or not they align with yours. (And if they don’t, whether you should even bother continuing the conversation.) It’s all going to be a lot more awkward than it may have been in other situations.
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