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How to auto-open an app when I click on icon in panel?

I am using KDE 4.4.5 on Ubuntu 12.04. I created a shortcut icon for my firefox browser in the panel. I can easily open that by clicking on the icon.
However I want to have another program open automatically when I click on the icon in the panel. How do I configure this?


It’s called KRunner. With KRunner, you can easily open any application simply by writing what you want. So you can click the Firefox link and it will run Firefox.
You can find it in systemsettings > Linguistic (i think) > Application Shortcuts.
To enable it just right click the link and check if it says «Execute KRunner». If so, just type what you want and press Enter and it will run. If it doesn’t, just click on it and try again.


You can use Kickoff. It’s an application


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